Erotic Hypnosis – How You Can Try It With Your Partner!



We all know that there are ton of different hypnosis techniques in the world right now and everyone uses them. Whether it is your doctor, your psychologist or even just your partner, there are forms of hypnosis that help us live our everyday lives. Did you know that there are hypnosis techniques that actually can help your sex life too? In this article, we are going to explore exactly what erotic hypnosis is so that you will be able to explore your sexual side with your partner in a completely new way!

First question is what is erotic hypnosis? This is a common question that many people ask when they are first faced with these hypnosis techniques for the first time. Erotic hypnosis is an expression of ones self, it will place you or even your partner under a trance and will allow you to play out the most erotic…

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Four Powerful Patterns You Should Always Use in Conversational Hypnosis


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Conversational hypnosis is a technique founded by Milton H. Erickson who was born in 1901 and considered to be the most important hypnotherapist. The technique is based on inducing a trance to a subject with the use of language and … Continue reading

How to Hypnotize Someone


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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to hypnotize someone but thought that the idea of asking someone to lie down on your couch and stare at your pocket watch was…well, just not practical, then you are not alone. The … Continue reading

How to Hypnotize Anyone – Simple Steps to How to Hypnotize Someone

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Hypnotizing anyone is a wonderful skill that you would love to have. Learning hypnotism serves a public and a private service – use hypnotism to help your family and friends become more healthy and use hypnotism as a career choice. Learning the art of hypnotizing is a very challenging task that requires dedication and commitment.

It is imperative to find a knowledgeable coach or distance learning program when you are beginning the art of hypnotism. The art of course, a mild trance taking care not to trip off the conscious mind. To accomplish this, you must use a combination of engrafted suggestions, pacing, leading, and prominent hypnotic keys.

Once the subject seems to be in a mild trance state, you may begin placing hypnotic or post-hypnotic ideas and commands into their mind, being very careful to avoid alerting their conscious mind. It’s tempting to use hypnosis to get someone to…

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