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60 000 Subscribers & 11.5 million views on YouTube ! tnx everyone – I appreciate the support – S

My Old Demo From Vancouver, BC


Here’s the original clip from the show!

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Washing Machine
– Caution ! Adult Content

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Stolen Belly Button

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Forgetting Name

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Dance Off


From Youtube! many-thanksThank you ! for your feedback & kind words. It’s been a changing time for me.. I’ve moved from the beach to the North Shore in Vancouver.. many of the people I used to care about & worked with have moved on.. & our beautiful and award winning life is in transition – a little good.. & of course a little room for improvement. But.. Just as misery loves company – Success finds success & loving people simply find each other. Even though the days sometimes feel dark.. I understand – but there is a light and it shines for those ready to receive it. It’s a secret I’ve always known – it’s something I will always believe.. – because.. I’ve already seen it – & I’m here to help. You see – There is love in this universe.. & loving hearts – have the power to heal.. & blossom into the happily forever after that we’ve been waiting for.. & Whatever happens in this life or the next.. you can trust – there is an answer. And that brings us to today – just as promised.. if you keep moving towards your goals – you will find the help you need along the road – Thank you everyone for helping me achieve another milestone on my journey ! – 2500 youtube subscribers / 500 000 views and counting ! Together it really is a beautiful day – more hypnosis meditations are in the works as well as a return of my Who’s Hot this Weekend Love Horoscopes ! – there’s also a new series for people who want to learn Conversational Hypnosis/NLP – I hope everyone enjoys the new videos.. and as I continue to grow – I’ll continue to do my best to be my best.. for myself  – and the beautiful world around me. Sending love around the world – S Just want to say thx so much , This is very effective. Haven’t wanted a smoke since I listened to this … You rock Thankyou  – Leoni Wilson  Wow it really worked! I haven’t smoked for 2 whole days and haven’t had a craving!. Whenever I thought about it I just took a deep breath and counted down from 5! It works!! Thank you! – Magen  You’re awesome!!! Thank you. – anana B.  It worked!!! I am smoke free for three weeks. Thanks sweetie:) – Michelle Snyder  Thank you so much for this. I’ve been sick for several days and after sitting quietly, relaxing as I closed my eyes and listened, my body began to feel better. My sinuses began to clear, my chest loosened. Thank you so much. This is inspiring and helpful and encouraging. I’m so happy that I have the power to let go of the chains. – Promise Rhodes-DuBose  Excellent vocal technique (delivery) for calming and relaxing a listener! Also, very good mental ideas to navigate someone into expanding their concious and unconcious mind toward positive affirmations in a friendy manner. Everyone here can tell that you obviously enjoy what you do and you’re so good at it! Thank you for sharing your time and voice talent/clever mental strategy. – Steve Werenicz  Thank you for empowering me. – hope joy  I really enjoy this, I was unable to sleep before 6am before I found this… I listen to it every night… I had to listen all the way thru later because I fall asleep within 20 minutes and wake up every morning refreshed and feeling better than I have in a long time 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Very very good! – clairepiper27  I am repeating this hypnosis every week…and everytime I cry and cant feel my arms.. lol…  I’ve seen so much changes in my life… I think and act differently… and I really feel love and compassion over everything.. thank you so much… and by the way… your voice is so sexy… :3 ❤  – Mania Beast  Agreed ! – kaylee folsom  I feel totally like a new person after listening to your excellent suggestion. AND I met someone the next day! – Nitsa Amanda Oz  I had a headache listening to it but I met 2 guys a few days after and the  guy I was dating on and off started coming on so strong calling me twice a day. – Anita Ekuban  Love this..thank You:) – Gail Hanna  Thank you.Your soft voice says just the right things.  I so need to hear it said… – Soleilmoon Moonsoleil  Great meditation. This one seemed to work the best for me. Thank you very much! I do feel better, and you hit everything on the head when it came to “blockage” and “garbage”. I had those negative thoughts in my head for so long that it has kept me from love. Thank you again for helping me open my eyes. 😀 – Luna Royale  Thank you so much for this meditation, when the part of the wall began, i startet to cry, so I could recognize how mighty this wall was. I definitely will repeat this hypnosis! – DouniaDorient  I feel so…confident lol. Lovely video! 🙂 – jasmine barbee  This meditation was wonderful.  As I was going through it, I felt a very light sensation as well as seeing colors and when you spoke of removing the part of the wall that makes you feel “less than” as I removed it with my mind I saw rays of white light shining through.  Great experience and I look forward to exploring more of your meditations. – Annamarie Sant  I think it works, I tried this meditation last night, I fell asleep and I dreamt I was soooo happy like a never been before, in my dream I was with a man that I could say was my soulmate but in reality I haven met him yet. All I can say is that this meditation gave me faith and hope to transform myself so I can attract a good man in my life. – aries16482  U got good voice. I want to marry alaina scott mathers hope this helps.lol – omkuberaynamaha  Thank you ,very useful and practical video , blessings – anastasia kyriakidou  Collin, my man, you are amazing!!!!! – HEWfunkingKNEWit  You are awesome. Just your voice is so soothing! Thank you. – anana B.  This is a truly sensational hypnosis x – Sharron Livingston  This helped me so mutch thank you i recommend everyone to do this that is going thu the same stuff i was i loved the empty mind is the devils play ground thing i try to think of thing that make me happy and still think about her at times but im so mutch happer now thank yo soooo mutch  – Eric Lee  Every time I try to do this I fall deeply asleep. Is that what’s supposed to happen? I feel like I’m going to miss something… – Katie Burnett  Thank you.. I felt so much better now.. I broke up with this guy just last night and I was into so much pain.. I searched something something to help me to meditate. And I was brought here.. I had a pleasant sleep after.. – nikkyu13  Thank you! – Frankie Fury  Thank You so much Sonny. This really helped me a lot. I though i would be crying for weeks and months but already I feel maybe not great. But good. she is no longer a focus point on my mind. I can now just live simply and effortlessly. – joshuahainsferguson  I listent to this every day, maybe twice.  His method, language, and bit of humor are very effective.  I find him different and better that 95% of other NLPz.  This one I would pay for. – Larry D  It worked for me and I am new to meditation.  He is amazing! 🙂 – Nancy Sullivan  Good stuff!! – I am a Richman  Thank you amazing – Esther Wood  Very nice. Thank you….. – gail robinson  LoVeS – Million SmiLeS – Chad Passa  Wow…I loved your voice ❤ – Claudia Hassid  Hi , just listened to this awsome video , the technique is really awsome , presently i am jobless and was highly depressed , not any more !! Seems i ve got a new magic!! Thanks a lot. Hoping this transforms me as new person – manoman arkad  Thank you , blessings , happy new year – anastasia kyriakidou  Thank you so much, I have never experienced anything this wonderful & peaceful!  – Nancy Sullivan  Great stuff. Love it! – TheMaggical  You certainly do have a great voice for self hypnosis videos. Whish you also made more topics in your series. Thanks – doublejb75  Oh my! thank you! i can not explain nor put into words how this made me feel and what it did to my body! thank you again! this was amazing! to the people saying this is not godly.. well you arent godly by judging. this is not satanisim this is pure connection with yourself. how stupid are you? small minded is what you are! – Leah Hayes  OMG, I’m so in love with your voice! It’s so intriguing! – FacesInTheClouds7thank_you Thank you for your feedback and kind words! I remember.. I started writing & recording meditations again because a friend of mine looked blue.. on the inside – and @ the time it was all I could think of – to help. The horoscopes were just for fun. But then YouTube came along & said I should continue! In true design & just as promised the greatest rewards are bestowed upon those who help others. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my goals!

And that brings us to today.. 1000 subscribers & growing !!! 

Thank you

– S

This was so beautiful and powerful, thank you so much. – Natalie Bolzan

Very nice. Loved the little chuckles…it made it feel as though you were talking to me personally. Thanks. – Hellen Mayo

Truly a beautiful and heartfelt meditation.thank you for sharing your spirit and your soul – Sandra Whiting

Thank you Collin, you have the best voice on YouTube – darkfifi29

You are truly an incredible person. I had no faith in my ability to recover and move on, but I felt at peace today. Thank you for posting this video. I know I may still suffer from heartache in the future, but I will remember this video. Thank you. – JorgeL721

This is SO Great! I have been listened to this about 5 times in only 2 weeks almost every time I go to bed so I wake up feeling great aha ^w^ I Just Love it! it is Also great for my meditation. Keep them rolling in. You voice is so distinctive I Love it – joshuahainsferguson

This was quite beautiful thank you so much for making this. The lack of background music was actually a nice unexpected a d refreshing change for me. – Michelle Phoenix

Your voice is what makes this session work so very good for me. It put me out and when it was done I woke up. This means that my mind was listening and that it did take. So, I am going to be using this as my best money attraction hypnosis video from now on. The relaxation effect of your voice is really very very good. Don’t listen to the idiots that diss. No other session on You tube has done this for me. I know it is working. Thanks. – Morrie Cloward

Thank you amazing – Esther Wood

Wow it was the strangest & most relaxing feeling. I literally felt a cool breeze pass my face! The only thing that was a bit uncomfortable was that it cut off suddenly and I had to slowly come back on my own. – Angela Silver

Good stuff!! – fabio souza

Nice job, Colin. I’m reading a book right now called “How to Think and Grow Rich.” The author speaks of “auto-suggestion” and I really dig it. Your self-hypnosis meditation on how to find true love really speaks to the subconscious mind. Need to listen again. Thx – Wes Murphy

Wow it really worked! I haven’t smoked for 2 whole days and haven’t had a craving!. Whenever I thought about it I just took a deep breath and counted down from 5! It works!! Thank you! – Magen

Wow…i loved your voice ❤ – Claudia Hassid

Sexy awesome voice! – Brenda Torres

Love this glad I subbed to you 🙂 – Hollywoodrags

“It Worked” – TheCenacena8 “Your videos are great!” Alan N

“You have such a gorgeous, beautiful, calming, playful 🙂 voice – love it! Almost angellic *smiles again!* mixed with the little moments of lightness and giggles – thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift to others 🙂 I so hope you continue creating these beautiful meditations – so appreciative <3” annie linwood “This is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much” diana00jonas “Great words. Great vision. Thank you Colin! I am super clear about what I am creating now and who I am for others & myself!” Dan Lynch

“I like the way the information is given, the perfect combination of a pleasant tember and useful information of a professional announcer ” –Christina Peskowa  “i cried tears of happiness when i was in trance. thank you thank you so much for making this!!! i realy cant thank you enough!!” – Autumn Celestian  “I listen to this every night and am sleeping deeply. Lovely voice, Collin” – sticknit1

“Hello Collin, I can’t express enough on your powerfull hypnosis. So real, your voice. Please download more videos like this. Very Powerfull. Thank You :)” – Georgina Laracuente “Thank you so much for this!!!!” – Nicky Bee “You don’t understand how perfect your voice is, this is so soothing !” – ok dee   

“I wish I can do this hahaha I would be the king of the school hahahahahhahaha” – bjking92 “the lady in the background says there is not enough drugs in the world to have you looking like that …lol” – bionca robinson “I wanna try!” – oliveberry1 “ha ha brilliant” – dye tat “Better than Aaron Glotfelter, any day.” – backinthecrystal “The ones who are saying its fake obviously have no prior knowledge of hypnosis or deep trance phenomena. id like to see them on the stage! LMFAO. i seen a chick say she couldnt be hypnotized and ten minutes later had the same experience as this! lol” – Osyris706 “This hypnotist is better then Aaron Glotfelter. In my opinion.” – Ty Fly “try me !” – om Zack  “I got a chubby watching that!” – hithere19751975

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