Seven Things You Might Not Know About Covert Hypnosis Techniques



Hypnosis is used all over the world for many varying functions. From physical therapy to mental and emotional healing, from stress management to career empowerment, hypnosis is highly regarded by medical practitioners and everyday people alike. Covert hypnosis techniques are something slightly different.

Covert hypnosis is also known as conversational hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming, and is the ability to (in plain terms) have a conversation with a person’s sub-conscious whilst they are fully awake and alert, but without them knowing about it.

This phenomenal concept is, in actual fact, possible to carry off and to demonstrate a bit further, I have compiled a list of seven things you might not know about covert hypnosis techniques to take you further into the theory behind this practice.

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Covert Hypnosis Techniques:

1. Covert hypnosis techniques can open up the mind to an exciting world of new possibilities. Using the correct conversational hypnosis language pattern, it is possible for a person to log into another’s brain and alter the pattern of thought into a positive one. It is basically like an enhancement on the power of positive thought.

2. Covert hypnosis techniques can be carried out in much the same way as any other form of hypnosis, by a hypnotist, through written word, through audio or simply by learning it yourself.

3. Conversational hypnosis can trigger a response in people according to the suggestions that are communicated to their sub-conscious. The way in which you order your language, use your body language, gesticulate as well as the terms that you use become the tools for the hypnotic process, and can be used in the same way that other hypnotic techniques are employed.

4. Covert hypnosis techniques work on a system of procedure. These steps need to be approached and considered in order. In my opinion this is the most important tip out of all seven things you might not know about covert hypnosis techniques. From start to finish:

o Attention: You need the full attention of your participant from beginning to end of their conversational hypnosis session.

o Context: Create the correct environment for the process to take place, kind of like setting the foundation.

o Rapport: You need to define and acknowledge the issue. A very simple example would be that the participant does not know where to go on holiday. You acknowledge this fact and agree that they do not know.

o Captivate Draw their attention and trust in closer.

o Suggest: You re-set their way of thinking, and make it possible for the brain to open up to new possibilities. In this example, you could say “But there are many exciting possibilities so maybe you will think of one.” This automatically steers the participant away from the fact that they don’t know where to go on holiday and triggers the brain into contemplating their options.

5. As we can see, covert hypnosis techniques can be used to alter a person’s way of thinking especially in cases where that person has a negative outlook or perspective on their life and situation. By subtly altering their perception of the situation, you can shift their focus onto a more positive path.

6. Conversational hypnosis was brought into practise by Milton Erickson and he has created many language patterns (known as Milton Models) that can be used and practised by anybody to generate the intended results in participants.

7. Covert hypnosis techniques should not be used for selfish, personal gain, although which such a powerful medium it often can be abused. All practitioners should remember the law of karma and how what goes around always comes back around eventually. Rather it should be used for the intended purposes of self help: improving one’s health, generating career success, overcoming fears and phobia’s, improving relationship statuses and freeing oneself from the constraints of negative conscious thought.

It is easy to see from these seven things you might not known about covert hypnosis techniques, that this dynamic medium of hypnosis can be used to improve our own or any other person’s life on any level. Covert hypnosis techniques or conversational hypnosis is the way forward in life enhancement.

Are you still going to engage in the same daily routine, and expect to get different results??

Take action now, and make a real change in your life.

To read more on the power of covert hypnosis, and how it can empower your life go to Colins site

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