How the Great Religions Use Hypnosis and Covert Persuasion to Capture Your Thoughts and Attention

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Hypnosis can be a wonderful and powerful tool that can help people overcome limiting beliefs, get rid of bad habits, and increase skills in area are already life enhancing. Hypnosis can also confuse and seduce, and lead many, many people down the wrong path. A path to evil, and ultimate destruction.

There are several, naturally occurring instances of hypnosis that are much more different and subtle than the stereotypical swinging watch, and a voice commanding you to become sleepier and sleepier.

Group thinking, figures of authority, even a comfortable movie theater with plush seats and a large bucket of your favorite popcorn are enough to turn off what hypnotists call the ‘critical factor.’ The critical factor is the part of your brain that checks incoming information and rejects it if it seems harmful or dangerous, or outright nonsensical.

For example, if somebody came up to you on the street, somebody you didn’t know, who was dressed rather shabbily, and told you to come with him to the park for an important meeting, you’d likely turn and walk the other way.

However, if a man dressed in a nice suit, or a priests outfit, or as a doctor, or police officer came walking up, and with him were twenty or so concerned looking citizens all dressed professionally, you’d be much more likely to comply with exactly the same request.

Factors such as authority, social proof (going along with the crowd) and others tell the brain that it’s OK to avoid the critical factor. When this happens, people generally make decisions without putting in too much conscious thought. Advertisers use this strategy all the time.

Another powerful group that uses many of these persuasion strategies is organized religion. Big churches, world famous pastors, promises of everlasting happiness make the message of religion almost impossible to resist. If you happen to belong to a church that does positive things for the community and your own life, there’s likely no danger. But what happens when a groups uses these same persuasion strategies for less than helpful purposes? You don’t have to look too far, either through history, or around the world to see ample of evidence of just how easy it is to misuse these techniques.

It’s always important to periodically question your beliefs, and how you came to believing them. Your brain is a wonderful and mysterious biological miracle that we will likely never even begin to understand, and when treated with respect, it can provide you with wonderful support and success.


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