Secret Hypnosis Mind Control Technique – Manipulate Others Using Only Word “try”

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In this article, I would like to introduce you to some special characteristics of the word “try”. This is a favorite word of people, who believe it encourages others to take action and supports their efforts. One of the characteristics distinguishing conscious mind from unconscious, is the fact that unconscious mind does very carefully and precisely – just like a computer – the instructions it receives.

Let ‘s do a little experiment.
In your mind picture yourself opening the door. What have you seen? Was there a vision of doors that were first closed and then opened?

Now, tell yourself in your head “I am trying to open the door”. Has this small change changed your vision? Most people will see only closed door.

If you will command someone “Do it!”, there is a good chance that the command will be executed. However, if you say: “Try to do this”, unconscious mind will do what was commanded, it will make an attempt to do something, but that something won’t necessarily get finished. Hence, it can be concluded that, using word “try” programs your brain for failure. Many people use this word without awareness of this fact often sabotaging their own efforts, saying, for example:

– Try to finish your homework before three o’clock.
– Try to buy bread when you will be in the city.
– Try to ask Amy out.
– Try to come to that meeting.
– Try to not be late.
– Try to pay by the end of the week.

You can achieve much better results by passing the message in a different way, while delivering precise commands to brain of person you are speaking with, for example:

– Do your homework before three o’clock.
– Buy bread when you will be in the city.
– Ask Amy out.
– Come to the meeting.
– Come on time.
– Pay by the end of the week.

By knowingly taking advantage of word “try”, you can increase the effectiveness of your communication. If your work requires frequent contacts with clients, for example, you are an employee of a large bank, responsible for sales and promotion of advanced banking products designed for large institutional clients, you may hear something like this during a meeting with a representative of the senior executives:

“It’s very interesting what you have presented here today, but other banks are also offering very good products.”

What will you do in a situation like this? You can say something like:

“Yes, other banks are offering similar products, but these are worse banks than ours.”

But you won’t achieve much by doing so, first – this is ineffective, second – unprofessional, and the third – your presentation will create negative feeling in the client and you don’t want that.

Your client may feel certain level of objection and probably will find your answer distasteful, which may lower your chances of closing the deal. However, you can express yourself in much more effective way:

“Yes, it’s true, other banks also have very good products, so please try to find something that will suite you, before you decide to use our products.”

This time it is much more effective, because such a statement does not raise objections in the conscious mind of your customer and you are programming all his efforts of finding better offer for failure, of course he will not be able to consciously notice these fact. In the same way, you can take advantage of this technique in many different situations in your life. The possibilities are endless, so try to not think about them.


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