How to Hypnotize Someone


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to hypnotize someone but thought that the idea of asking someone to lie down on your couch and stare at your pocket watch was…well, just not practical, then you are not alone. The truth of the matter is that there are thousands of people just like you learning how to hypnotize someone right now and they haven’t spent years learning hypnotherapy or thousands of dollars on hypnosis programs. As a matter of fact to the untrained eye nothing that they do looks anything like traditional hypnosis- they don’t ask people to lie down on a couch, they don’t swing a pocket watch in front of them, and those that they hypnotize don’t look as if they are off in some far away trance.

What they are learning is how to hypnotize someone using the power of hypnosis in regular everyday conversations. What does this mean? Well, Milton Erickson, generally regarded as the father of modern psychological hypnosis, developed a style of hypnotizing people in regular everyday conversations now referred to as conversational hypnosis. Simply by talking to people Erickson could interject hypnotic commands designed to bypass the conscious mind and work directly on the subconscious mind.

Other psychiatrists have taken up the work of Erickson and have pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional hypnosis, showing others how to put hypnotic words into their regular everyday language to produce amazing results. Not only do your words have more power and carry more weight with people, but when you add these words to metaphors and stories that you might use when talking to others you can actually double, triple or even quadruple your ability to influence and persuade others.

You have probably used some of these hypnotic techniques yourself without even intending to hypnotize someone. For example, if you are a parent and have asked your child whether he wanted to go to bed at 8:00pm or 8:15pm, then you have used a hypnotic technique. What makes this a hypnotic technique, you ask? Well, the question is giving the illusion of choice, but the implication is that the child is going to bed. The idea of going to bed sort of slips in subconsciously because it is only implied and not explicitly stated. How about this one: would you like the blue car or would you prefer the red one? Again if a car salesman is
asking you this question his assumption is that either way you answer you are going home with a new car!

Even if you object at the car salesman’s question and say something like “Oh, I don’t like either one of those colors” a follow up question might be “Well what color would you prefer?” If you answer yellow or green you are instantly in a dialogue about buying a car!

Now, are these techniques very complicated? Absolutely not! Some might even say that they are pretty simplistic, but that’s my point- these hypnotic techniques don’t have to be complicated to work. And when you get really good at using them and combine them with other hypnotic techniques your ability to learn how to hypnotize someone will literally skyrocket! All it takes is awareness and a little bit of practice and you too will become a master of how to hypnotize someone!


Arthur King helps people turn their everyday words into powerful hypnotic suggestions. You can visit his site at


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