3 Basic Elements of Hypnotic Seduction That You Must Know in Order to Get Results


Hypnotic seduction can be an extremely powerful tool for picking up and attracting women. It can also be a headache to learn and get good at. Your ability to use and understand hypnotic seduction will be the difference between being lonely, and having twenty messages a day on your phone from women who want to be around you. Here are 3 basic elements of hypnotic seduction you must know if you ever wish to get any kind of positive results with women.

The first basic element is your language structure. The specific types of words you use, and how you use them can be extremely powerful, if you use them properly. When picking up women, you must learn to use your words in order to tell stories. These stories create pictures and images in a woman’s mind, and these images are extremely powerful.

The better you get at using your language to create the pictures and images you want, the better chances you will have of women wanting to be around you more often. You must also learn to use these stories in a way that triggers attraction in a woman toward you as well. This can be such a powerful tool that it has to be part of your basic hypnotic seduction tool box.

The second basic element is to understand that women are emotional creatures. They are addicted to their emotions and are constantly seeking emotional experiences. They want to feel certain ways, and when you understand this, and understand how to create those emotions in a woman, you will have more women calling you and wanting to be around you than you will ever know what to do with.

This ties into the first basic element. You must learn to use your language in a way that creates images in their minds, and those images must create a specific type of emotional response and experience for them. When you get really good, you will be able to create any emotional experience for a woman you want with nothing more than a story or two.

The final basic element of hypnotic seduction is to understand how a woman’s mind works and processes information. A man and a woman’s mind do not work the same way. What is important to you and the way you take in information and conversation is not the same as a woman. Women also do not use conversation for the same reasons that men do. These basic differences make all the difference in your success.

If you try to talk to a woman like you would one of your buddies, you will get horrible results. You must understand that women are very sexual, and sensual beings. Much more so than men. They also make sexual connections to things much quicker and easier than men do. By using your language properly by using stories, implanting commands, and controlling their emotions, you can use the way a woman’s mind processes information to your advantage.

When you get really good at all of these hypnotic seduction basics, you will be able to tell a story to a woman about a friend you have and a non-sexual experience they had at a grocery store, and by the time you are finished, the woman you tell the story to will be so hot and bothered and want you so badly that you will have to use pepper spray to keep her hands off of you.

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