Instant Hypnosis – Achieve Hypnotic Trance in Under Five Minutes


Instant hypnosis is a technique through which hypnotic trance can be induced in a very short period of time. Today, this form of hypnosis control is mainly used in stage shows and clinical hypnosis.

Dave Elman was a hypnotherapist who popularized rapid hypnosis induction techniques. His work was applied to the medical field, where his students used instant hypnosis induction successfully before performing surgeries.

The first open heart surgery performed under deep hypnosis was achieved by doctors who considered Elman their coach in the operating room. In his Practical Applications Book, Milton Erickson describes the considerable advances of medical and dental hypnosis

Rapid hypnosis achieves a hypnosis trance state in three to seven minutes using short, rapid commands that lead a subject into a hypnotic trance. Instant hypnosis uses similar techniques but produces a trace state in just seconds. Both instant hypnosis induction and rapid induction are purportedly easy to master with practice.

Speed hypnosis relies on several elements to achieve immediate deep hypnosis. First, the hypnotist must monopolize his subject’s focus, then there is a shock, or a rapid redirection of the subject’s attention. Finally, the word “sleep” completes the hypnosis induction.

For example, a hypnotist may support his subject’s hand in his own, focus her attention, and ask her to close her eyes. He will then pull his hand away while saying the word “sleep.” The combination of the shock of losing her balance and the suggestion of the word sleep results in instant hypnosis induction and will put the subject into a hypnotic trance.

Conversational hypnosis employs similar techniques, but it relies more heavily on the suggestion of words. The hypnotist may tell his subject repeatedly that a certain stimulus will put her into deep hypnosis.

First, he focuses her attention entirely on him while he gives her short commands. He may suggest that a snap of the fingers will put her in a hypnotic trance. After this idea has been accepted by her brain, that snap combined with a minor physical jolt will induce deep hypnosis.

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