How to Quickly Get Over a Broken Heart


One of the hardest things to fix in this life is a broken heart. For some people, getting over a broken heart takes a couple weeks or months and to some, it takes years even. Here are a couple tips on how to get over a broken heart quickly:

– Take some time for yourself. Give yourself enough room to hear your thoughts and spend some time alone.

-Surround yourself with people. I know this one might sound contradicting with the first one but after you’ve had that time for yourself, make sure you keep yourself surrounded with the love of your family and friends. There’s no one better to console you than dear family and friends.

-Get a makeover. Nobody likes looking at someone who looks like they’re constantly being followed by a dark cloud overhead. Don’t rain on someone else’s parade just because you’re in the middle of a shit storm. Improving yourself is one of the best ways to quickly start getting over a broken heart because it will make you feel better.

-Use that negative energy and turn it into something positive and productive. Instead of sitting at home or sleeping all day or practically doing nothing at all, move around. Exercise, walk around town, visit places. Keep moving.

-Clean house. Cleaning your place doesn’t just mean sweeping out the dirt and dust, decluttering and organizing. Get rid of the stuff that would remind you of her. Re-paint your place and move around the furniture. Start a new chapter of your life and what better way to start it with, than remodelling your own home.

-Discover a new hobby. Keep yourself busy by doing something new like learning to play an instrument or playing a new sport.

-Avoid places that you frequently visit with her. Don’t wallow in self pity by reliving the good memories. It’s time to make new ones.

-Avoid doing the usual things you did with her. Again, if you want to move forward with your life and move on from the past, there’s no use in looking back now. I know there must’ve been good memories while you’re together but now is not the best time to be refreshing those memories.

-Go out on dates. Going out on dates doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hook up with someone else right away. Life is too short to be spending it alone. Have fun again.

-Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Sometimes, admit it or not, being in a relationship stalls us from doing things we’ve always wanted to do.

-Close that chapter. Closure is sometimes that chain that holds a person back and prevents them from totally moving on. It’s important that you close that important chapter in your life. Find that closure you need. Ask all the questions in your head and get those answers you need. Lingering “what ifs” will slow down the process of mending that broken heart.

-Catch up. If you’re really not into reading, catch up on that favourite TV show you’ve missed. Catch up with friends and spend more time with them.

-If you’re thinking of re-establishing a friendship with your ex, do it, only, when you feel like you’re ready and when I say ready it means you don’t have ulterior motives of secretly getting back with her.

-Laugh. You know laughter is the best medicine right?

Remember that you’re not the first guy to lose a girl. Getting over someone is never easy but it’s possible. There have been others before you. It’s important that you stay optimistic. You’re not a piece of China, you’re human and with us humans, whatever breaks us is meant to make us stronger.


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