How To Train Your Brain To Be A Seduction Terminator


When you talk to a cute girl, what goes through your mind?

If it’s that all important first conversation, you’re usually anxious, worried, nervous.

Naturally, this will come across not only how you present your communication, but the actual things you say.

It might lead to hesitation, less outgoing behavior, and even “nice guy” behavior. Meaning that you’ll say things not to increase attraction, but to decrease possible rejection.

But as I’m sure you’re aware, when you start doing things just to keep from getting rejected, this usually ends up with you in the “friend zone.”

Screw that!

So, what’s a better way?

While you’re approaching her, and while you’re talking to her, force yourself to think of that last time you had sex.

If you’ve never had sex, imagine the last time you kissed a girl. Even it was fifty years ago.

See, the brain is programmed to always revert to it’s fall back position in times of danger, namely to be very careful, and “shut down” the system.

Most guys, when talking to girls, feel this to some extent. If you don’t do anything consciously to change this, your “fight or flight” mechanism will take over.

But this is easy to overcome with practice.

If you’re not ready to approach yet, next time you’re around cute girls, simply imagine yourself approaching, and think back to any good experience you’ve had with a woman while imagining yourself approaching.

The objective here is to get your brain automatically thinking of the good things that may happen when seeing a cute girl, rather than the bad things that may happen.

And when you’re thinking of good things while talking to a girl, you’ll be a lot more confident, and a lot more attractive.

One way to significantly speed up this process is with mental practice. Only practice what you wish you would have done, instead of what you actually did.

For this to work, you’ve got to go just a little bit further in your imagination than you did in real life. If you made eye contact in the real world, for example, imagine later on that you made eye contact and smiled.

Make sure it’s something that you could have legitimately done if you were maybe in a better mood or something.

If you keep pushing the limits like this, on a regular, preferably daily basis, you’ll be amazed how fast you progress.

Pretty soon, those automatic, caveman based fear responses will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be an automatic seduction machine.


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