4 Techniques To Resist Seduction


large (1)Ok.. Well someone was searching how to resist Seduction – I hope article this helps.

As for my 2cents.. This questions usually rises from an issue of Trust – notably.. “Is this person really into me – or just faking & playing me for something?”


There’s more – often people will confuse rapport with attraction and further  – they will confuse both attraction and rapport with seduction – which is a different game all on it’s own.

Sometimes.. you’re just into each other on a subconscious level – and you fall into natural rapport and mirror each other – This is neither seduction nor attraction – it’s rapport. In the seduction world I place this under “comfort” – congratulations – you guys are comfortable together.. at least on some level.

It get’s better – you don’t even have to agree with each other consciously either (reflections of each other’s…

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