Changing your view to find love before Valentine’s day ! from Sonny



Hi Everyone

First things first – Love changes you.. so give up the idea that you’re not “perfect” for someone or they’re not “perfect” for you. If it’s love.. & meant to be then the both of you will change (& not necessarily @ the same rate so be careful!) and then you’ll grow together.. & continue to grow.

Relationships tend to fail because one of the sides decides to poison the relationship.. as a natural result the other person will continue to grow.. but away from the poison. It will look like you’re breaking up because you’re growing apart but the truth is.. one of you (for whatever reason.. good or bad) tried to kill it.

To heal.. all you have to do – is purge the poison and grow around the event/s. And you know what.. you’ll be stronger than ever !

This is important because.. if you’re…

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