Top Tips for Standup Comedians and Professional Speakers On How to Get More Bookings


• Get Listed With as Many Speakers Bureaus and Entertainment Booking Agencies as You Can

A Speakers Bureau or Talent Booking Agency can save you enormous amounts of time, money, and energy. How can you out work the entire staff of twenty different agencies and bureaus? If you have numerous agencies and speakers bureaus working to get you booked, you will secure many more bookings and earn much more money. Because they work for commission only, it is in a speakers bureau’s and booking agency’s best interest to get you work!

• Encourage Cooperation Among Your Different Talent Booking Agencies and Speakers Bureaus

Even if you are exclusive with an agency, make sure you encourage cooperation between your agent and all other agents. If your agency will not work with other bureaus or agencies, you will miss out on many events and shows. Why leave money on the table? Representation with many other agencies gives you more marketing and publicity and feeds more leads to the agency or bureau with which you have an exclusive agreement. The more people you have selling you, the more likely you are to get booked. Make sure your exclusive agent cooperates with other agencies, or they will sell their clients comedians and speakers that want the bookings!

• Help Entertainment Booking Agencies and Bureaus Sell You

You need high quality photographs. You also need a well written biography that includes your accomplishments and accolades, and why you would be a great stand up comedian or guest speaker for various audiences. It is also good to have a high quality video of you performing some of your stand-up comedy routine or your keynote speech. Keep the videos brief and let the bureaus and agencies use them to sell you.

• Always Be Fair with the Talent Agencies and Speakers Bureaus that are Working Hard to Book YOU

They all work with and know each other, so to get more calls, you want to develop and maintain a reputation as a comedian or speaker that is fair, loyal, and agreeable. You can have a multitude of people working hard to help you get more bookings and make you more money – so don’t bite the many hands that feed you. Take care of your agents and they will take care of you! Remember TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More!

• More Benefits of Working with Entertainment Talent Booking Agencies and Speakers Bureaus

• Representation by many agents makes clients see you as more professional, in demand, and desirable for their event or show.

• Entertainment booking agencies and speakers bureaus give you an enormous amount of FREE publicity and promotion.

• An experienced talent booking agency and speakers bureau has many clients and knows how to market you and your talents to those clients and customers.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success!


A to Z Entertainment, Inc. is an experienced talent booking agency.


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    i used to be listed with a couple of agencies when i was giving workshops and talks but now i usually just call the venue or organization directly – everyone has different results – but.. it tends to work best for me when i do the leg-work myself – good luck everyone – sending love – S

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