Orgasm Hypnosis – Reality Or Myth?


Many men and women question whether orgasm hypnosis is possible – whether a hypnosis orgasm can be created on demand, just by thought – yet almost every man has had a “wet dream” at least once in his life, and many women have told us that they have either woken up from a dream orgasm, or reached orgasm just by fantasizing, without touching themselves. If you could, wouldn’t you?

Hypnosis professionals have helped many men and women create enhanced sexual enjoyment through hypnosis, and we are proud to say YES – hypnosis orgasm is real, and it’s a beautiful thing for men, women, and couples.

So what is orgasm hypnosis?

Sexual enhancement hypnotherapy, which is a facet of sex therapy in general, gets applied to create a variety of benefits:

  • sexual response for men / overcoming impotence
  • sexual control for men / overcoming premature ejaculation
  • female hypnosis for sexual response / overcoming vaginismus
  • couples hypnosis for sexual enhancement / releasing inhibitions
  • erotic / adult / fetish hypnosis stories, and
  • orgasm hypnosis / hands-free orgasm


Within that range of sexual hypnosis, orgasm hypnosis is used to:


  1. help an individual who has never known orgasm to enjoy the beauty of sexual climax, and
  2. teach us ways to focus our minds, in order to have a “wet dream” or “hands-free orgasm” (it’s always fun to learn new ways to use the power of our minds, isn’t it?)

Hypnosis on-line or Hypnotherapy office? 

Whether you seek out a private practice hypnotherapist, or you just download or purchase one of the many products (mp3’s, videos, CD’s, DVD’s, etc) just be sure that you understand who your hypnotherapist is, and what their field of specialty is. For example, you don’t want to wind up in the office of a hypnosis mistress if you were looking for nurturing, clinical female hypnosis for orgasm.

Online orgasm hypnosis and sexual enhancement downloads are readily available, very inexpensive, and widely varied (in both quality and content!) An orgasm hypnosis review website can tell you what’s hot, and what’s not, and let you explore from there!

Orgasm hypnosis is a really erotic, sensual, and rewarding journey of self-discovery and sexual experimentation. Keep playing with various approaches and ideas, and you’re sure to find the “trigger” or “hypnotic erotic metaphor” that is perfect for you!

Felix Toccare and his team of orgasm hypnosis, female hypnosis, hypnosis mistress, and hypnosis stories specialists provide free online hypnosis reviews at their web-site, [].

Their company motto is: “Take pleasure deeper . . . come inside . . . ”

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