Dirty Talk: 7 Secrets For Talking Her Into Orgasmic Pleasure

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I remember the first time I tried to talk dirty. My girlfriend asked my so say something dirty… I paused for about three seconds too long, then responded with a nervously shaky recitation of something I might have heard on a 70’s porno…She tried her absolute best not to burst into laughter… but she failed.

Dirty talk in bed, is probably the most misunderstood, underrated, and misused, form of foreplay there is. Do not be mistaken. Dirty talk is not politically correct, but women love a man who knows how to talk dirty, and if you can do it right, you will easily double her level of arousal, and she will find you much more pleasurable in bed. This article is not “PC”, but I will give you some tips for talking dirty, to turn your woman on intensely.

Why do women like dirty talk?
Because in bed, dirty talk can convey qualities about you that women find intensely attractive. Dominance probably the MOST attractive masculine quality to a woman. When you talk dirty to a woman in bed, this is one of the most impactful ways to demonstrate your raw masculine dominance.

Even the most conservative women I know love dirty talk in bed, that’s because quite often women love to appear quite lady like in public, while they revel in their secret wild sexual lives. This contrast is very hot for a woman.

General rules for dirty talk.

Do not be nervous. Confidence is key.

What you say in the bedroom stays there. While you might say domineering things in the bedroom, your woman only allows this while it is understood, that calling her dirty names, and saying bad things are only appropriate in the context of the bedroom. If you treat her like a tramp outside of the bedroom, then your dirty talking days are over.

Use as the spice, not the main dish. Dirty talk isn’t so much about what you say, but who you are. It is a by product of being an alpha male. If you are fixed on it, she well see through your ruse and it will have the opposite effect. Be fixated on being the MAN instead. Relax and let the dirty talking come as it may.

Dominant voice tone. Talk like a dominant cave man claim his woman. This is one of the few times in life where it would be appropriate to do so, so relax and enjoy. Women want to submit to a strong man, not a weak one. Your voice tone is the most obvious giveaway to how “strong” you are as a man. Add base to your voice and speak deliberately.

Bitch works for many, but the C-word never does. When you get better at dirty talk, you’ll find that some “bad” words aren’t so bad… bitch, whore, even slut, can turn her on (depending on her conservatism so use your discretion), but universally, the C-word almost never works. It’s a word that is based in female hatred. Don’t use it.

Remember to dominate her physically. If you are bold enough to use dirty talk, then you should also have physical behaviour that mirrors this behavior. Don’t be afraid, to yank her hair a bit, or spank her, or throw her over your shoulder and march to the bedroom.

Balance dirty talk with soft, sweet language. The most effective way to spin a woman into a deeply hypnotic sexual fantasy is to bound back and fourth from almost poetic compliments, to hardcore dirty talk. This hot/cold behaviour pushes her emotional buttons strongly, and the effect of the dirty talk becomes magnified. Don’t just say, “You’re a dirty bitch I want to punish you whore!” saying, “My darling, you smell so delicious,” as you caress her lightly…then press her against the wall firmly and say, “I should punish you, for being so hot!” The contrast shocks her into deep arousal.

Vividly describe what you are going to do to her. Women are highly imaginative creatures. Tell her every dirty detail. Tell her what it will look like, how it will feel, how it will taste. Paint the picture so that she can imagine it before doing it.

I go into much more detail on how to talk dirty to turn your woman on at my website. If you’d like a full education on how to give your woman intense sexual pleasure, visit my website!

Caleb Clayton is a professional dating coach and social circle expert. He is the author of, “Social Circle Game: A Guide To Dating And Social Mastery,” He consults guys one on one and helps them with their dating, relationships and sex. You can learn how to give women extreme sexual pleasure at http://www.TheCollegeCupids.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Caleb_Clayton

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