The 5 Best Covert Hypnosis Language Patterns


Whether you are a salesperson who wants to increase your sales or someone who just wants to achieve more success in your life, then these language patterns will help you achieve your goals.

Now for the disclaimer. When using any influencing techniques or tactics you MUST always be looking out for the win:win scenario. That means you win but not at the expense of your subject. They must always win too. The problem is that if you use the methods for foul use you will never again be able to influence that person and you will leave them feeling used. Any ethical persuader would not want that to happen.

I have not tried to attribute any references to anywhere, preferring to just list the patterns and letting you decide when to use them when you want to.

These language patterns are based on extensive work around Milton Erickson who has been described as the greatest hypnotherapist that ever lived.

In at number 5 – Negation:

The brain has a hard time computing a negative. If I was to say to you “Don’t think of a green elephant in a pink rah rah skirt”, what do you immediately do? So frame your suggestions as a negative as it by-passes resistance.

“I wouldn’t ask you for a discount but what is the best deal you can give me”.

“Don’t think about what you will be missing if you do not come out for a drink with me”.

In at number 4 – Quotes:

I was talking to the boss the other day and he said “Ian, you are a fantastic communicator”. I would not want to blow my own trumpet but why not use the boss to do it.

Another example might be “I was talking to John the other day and he said ‘Kitty Kat is the best cat food there is’, do you agree?”

In at number 3 – Tag Questions:

You can understand this article easily CAN’T YOU?

You would like to see the show WOULDN’T YOU?

Hardly needs clarification but a very powerful language pattern.

In at number 2 – “Because.”

There have been many many studies done about how powerful this word is. It seems that as human beings we react to the word “Because” with compliance!

Instead of asking people if you can do something follow it up with “because” too. So Could I park here please” said to the car park attendant would become “Could I park here please because I need to go shopping.”

The studies have shown that the “reason” you provide does not have to make sense at all. Just use the word “because.”

“Come out for a drink with me because we will have loads of fun.”

“Can you give me a 10% discount now because it will mean we both gain something.”

I am sure you will think of many many other examples.

And finally Number 1 – Presuppositions:

Human beings prefer choice so frame the choices available to ensure you are happy with whatever choice they go with.

Do you want to go to bed before or after the news?”

The child here will analyse the question, then usually choose “After”! They will have a feeling of success and winning but are not aware that you simply wanted them to accept they were going to bed.

The clever part here is that for them to even begin to understand the question they must have accepted that they are going to bed.

Another example:

Do you want to go to the cinema or bowling tonight?” Assuming you are trying to influence the person you are talking to to go out.

Please go out an use these patterns and see what results you get – you might be surprised or it might be what you expected.

Ian Northcott runs a website dedicated to covert hypnosis and influencing skills. []. Please visit and enter stories of your success on the blog.

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