9 Words and Phrases That Communicate to the Subconscious Mind

hypnosis vancouverWhat is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Google defines NLP as “an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.” NLP gives a way to transmit to the subconscious mind.

I will list nine words and phrases that come from the study of NLP. These words/phrases will really help your online marketing.

The first NLP words that I will list are adverbs. I will list these words along with their Google definitions in quotes. The first word is quickly. If you ask Google search to define the word quickly you would get the following definition: “At a fast speed; rapidly.” The second word is easily. Google defines easily as “without difficulty or effort” The third word is naturally. If you use the search function of Google to define naturally you will find the following definition: “In a natural manner, in particular.”

Putting the words quickly, easily, and/or naturally in front of any verb causes the reader to accept what you’re saying more easily. For example, you can say “Your business will prosper if you use our method,” or you can say “Your business will naturally prosper if you use our method.” Adding the word “naturally” eliminates any resistance to accept that the business will prosper. Another example is the difference between the following two sentences: “It will clear the drain”; and, “it will quickly clear the drain.” Using the NLP word, quickly, in front of the verb makes the statement sound more convincing.

Other words that help to convince your reader are soft lead in words. These words form phrases that help bring people’s defenses down and make them more open to what you want them to do. One of these phrases is “Your invited to.” When working to get someone to try an offer you can say “Try this new offer” or you can say “You are invited to try this new offer.” The first sentence is a bit more abrasive because it commands the reader to try something. People don’t usually like to be commanded to do something. The second sentence is smoother. It causes the reader to let their guard down and consider the invitation. Other soft lead in phrases are “Would you consider” and “If you were to.” If you were to use these powerful phrases in front of something that you want people to do; then, you would find that you will have much better results.

We will conclude our list with trance words. These are words that almost put people into a trance. The first word is amazing. The second word is suddenly. The third word is discover. These words do not create a rational experience they create an emotional experience for the reader. These words are helpful because the buying process is often not based on rational decision-making. The buying process is often based on emotions.

The study of NLP is controversial, nevertheless, the NLP words that were shared in this article hold power. Try them in your AdWords ads, articles, blogs, etc. and see for yourself.

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