How to Use Conversational Hypnosis in Everyday Sales!


If you’re in a sales job, or if sales is an important part of your job, you’ve probably read more than one book on sales, probably been to a sales skills training seminar or two, and probably — whether or not you think you’re very good at your job — feel that you have a pretty good handle on what it takes to be a good sales person.

A lot of those ideas could get stood on their head once you delve a little more deeply into Conversational Hypnosis, one of the most powerful sales tools to come along in a generation. With Conversational Hypnosis, you’re not going to be dangling a pendulum in front of your prospect’s glassy eyes, but you will be employing some ingenious turns of phrase which affect the listener in subtle and powerful ways.

For example: “I wouldn’t advise you to place your order with us until you fully satisfy yourself that we can provide you with exactly what you want.” This is a killer sentence right here!

First of all, “I wouldn’t advise you to place your order with us” casts you as Mr./Ms. No Pressure, so the listener relaxes their guard. Meantime, within that statement is contained what hypnotists call an “embedded command”: “Place your order with us.” The subconscious hears this as a command because it is incapable of processing a negative — the “wouldn’t advise you to” piece. You can even give it a little more weight with your tone of voice by pitching it slightly lower when you get to “place your order with us.” Nothing too obvious — the subconscious is acutely aware, and will pick up the slightest variation in tone and interpret as “This part is important.”

Then comes the kicker: “until.” Until injects what Hypnotists call “presupposition” into your pitch. When you say “until,” there is no doubt as to whether what follows “until” will be taking place; it is DEFINITELY going to take place. Again, the subconscious is absolutely literal minded, and picks up on this distinction. Assuming that you have good rapport with your prospect, i.e. you’re not browbeating or haranguing him/her, this phrasing will move her powerfully in the direction of Yes.

Another thing: “fully satisfy yourself that we can provide you with exactly what you want” is another embedded command, and can be subtly emphasized with tone of voice.

It goes without saying that you would only use these techniques ethically, when you are sincerely convinced that what you are offering the client will meet his needs. As long as that condition is met, have fun experimenting with this and other Conversational Hypnosis patterns!

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