The 7 All-Time Best Mind Control Secrets


Here are the seven all-time best mind-control secrets. If you apply this knowledge into your interactions with others, you will be able to control people and get them to do what you want. It’s not rocket science, but it requires a thorough understanding and some practice to get really good at it.

1. Always use proactive language. Proactive language is used by people who get things done and make things happen. Use phrases like “go for it; why wait; take charge; right now; what are you waiting for; let’s hurry”. Compare the impact these phrases have to reactive language: “let’s think about it; consider this; could; should; would; you might consider; you’ll get to really understand”. Which one has more impact? Which one has more power?

2. Identify other people’s hot buttons – their needs, wants and desires at every opportunity, and them use those to influence them. The easiest way to do that is to simply ask questions like: “What’s important to you in a job/relationship/vacation/etc.” or “What absolutely has to be there?” or “What is important to you, what really matters?”

3. Motivate people from two sides. Show them how they will gain something positive from doing what you want them to do, and how they will avoid getting something negative from doing what you want them to do. Show them how to get pleasure and avoid pain. For example, if you want to get someone to work out and exercise more, the positive motivator could be to get in shape and look real hot, and the negative motivator could be to avoid dying of a heart attack at 44.

4. Also, appeal both to their outer and inner sources of motivation. What motivates people can be divided into two halves, also known as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Determine which one matters more to them and appeal to that particularly. For example, to trigger people’s intrinsic motivation, use phrases like: “only you can decide; it’s up to you; you might want to consider”. Extrinsic phrases would be: “Bill thinks that; others will notice; the feedback you’ll get will be”.

5. Use covert hypnosis to capture their minds. This allows you to secretly hypnotize them and make sure that they will follow your instructions. Mastering the art of conversational coercion isn’t easy,but once you do so, you will see that all other areas of your life become more easy.

6. Find out whether a person prefers to follow a step-by-step instruction, or rather come up with their own way of doing things. And then, present the thing that you want them to do in their preferred way. Some people just want to know what the “right way” to do something is. Others will always try to come up with a better way, to optimize something even more, to break rules and have lots of choices.

7. Always try to get people to do small steps, rather than big ones. Make it easy for them to follow your suggestions, because they are so small and simple. But connect all these simple steps into one powerful chain that they can’t escape. Think of it as a slippery slope that you want to put people onto. Make it look enticing and easy to get on, and once they’ve set their foot on it, give them reasons to make the next step – and with every steps, moving further becomes more easy, and going back becomes more difficult.


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