Subliminal Messages With Hypnosis – The Power of Words


Learning About Subliminal Messages Hypnosis

Subliminal messages with hypnosis are a rare combination in hypnotherapy. In conversational hypnosis, however, it is used frequently. The good thing about subliminal messages is that it can bypass the mental defenses that the “mark” has, as opposed to conventional hypnosis which involves a lot of sessions just to ease the person into the hypnotic trance to, say, remember a memory that he or she has voluntarily repressed. Of course, conversational or covert hypnosis works differently than with your usual hypnosis. It involves a bit of manipulation and a lot of words to utter so the subliminal messages can be safely hidden in your conversations.

Do words have such a power? Yes they do. Ever heard of reverse psychology? It’s similar to that. Covert hypnosis is often regarded as a mind control tool. Picture this scenario: a guy who you know has the hots for your girlfriend asked you to give a letter to her, claiming that the letter is of utmost importance. He would then go on to ask you to, under any circumstance, avoid reading the private correspondence and goes on to blabber about how the contents would be just between him and her.

What would you do? Chances are you will be bothered so much that you will take a peek at that letter. If you don’t, your mind doesn’t rest easy and you’ll end up conjuring a lot of bad scenarios that you and your girlfriend will surely fight over. If you take a look and find that it is nothing more than a friendly letter, you’ll feel ashamed of betraying your girlfriend’s trust or something to that effect. Either way, your mind is being messed with.

That’s the power of subliminal message right there. If you specifically tell someone not to do something, chances are they’ll do it. This trick is employed in covert hypnosis perfectly well. If the guy knew what he was doing, he would have deliberately told you not to read the letter, but was banking on you to break your word. In essence, you’ve been manipulated – mind controlled, if you will – into doing something the guy wanted you to do and feel embarrassed for it.

Words are powerful, but only if it is arranged in a way that it can mean a lot of things. This is the principle behind subliminal messages. Subliminal messages with hypnosis usually don’t work out well. Covert hypnosis, on the other hand, can give you a ton of advantages over someone you are “merely talking to”.

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