Amazing Conversational Hypnosis Powers – Four Hypnotic Words That Can Be Used With Evil Intentions


If you’re looking for evidence about the effectiveness of conversational hypnosis you’ve come to the right place. Four words in the English language can cause absolute havoc. Keep reading to find out what they are.

You’ve probably seen reality TV shows with hypnotists making volunteers perform some of the craziest stunts. You’ve probably wondered too about how people with the power of conversational hypnosis can use their mesmerising powers for evil purposes.

There is no doubt that hypnosis is a valuable tool for health professionals and even for people wanting to learn self-hypnosis. But, as always, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of innocent people in ways not first imagined.

Here’s an example of one such case.

Footage has been released by police of a man who used his hypnotic charm to sub consciously request supermarket checkout staff to hand over their money from their cash registers.

He has done this many times. In Ancona in Northern Italy he calmly walked out with 800 euros.

The cashier had no memory at all of the incident and only realised that something happened after she noticed the money missing from her till. The CTV footage from the bank showed her — quite incredibly — being hypnotized by a man before handing over the cash.

He said four words to her “Look Into My Eyes”.

I’ve also heard of incidents where people have been able to get credit from a bank when their credit is so bad that they’ve been refused many times before.

He simply stated “I just relaxed them and asked for it.”

Of course, I’m giving examples of situations where the hypnosis, particularly the first incident, is for criminal gains. However, do you know that SWAT teams use a hypnotic triple command to force compliance with extremely dangerous criminals to diffuse situations.

Imagine using these same commands so that you can diffuse a fight with your partner? You can see how much your life would benefit from conversational hypnosis. And as you become more skilled at it — and it’s actually really easy to learn because you’re already doing some in your every day life – you’ll be able to gain more control of every facet of your life, which means you’ll be living the life you were meant to and enjoy it more than you ever thought possible.

On March 22 2008 Italian police released footage of the “hypnotist thief” forcing cashiers and bank tellers to release over $1,200.00 with absolutely no resistance or memory. Learn how he uses conversational hypnosis [] and how you can too by visiting [] NOW!

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