What Are The 5 Most Hypnotic Words You Can Use Today?


Last weekend, I went to my home town, to attend the surprise 40th birthday of one of my school friends sister. She was (and still is) older than us and I can remember her beating me up when I was younger and so it was lovely to see her with a husband and teenage children of her own now.

While we were there, my friend and I were talking about how our Dads used to huddle together throughout each winter when we were kids, watching us play football. My friend’s Dad used to chain smoke cigarettes. He was a man of no other vices and very few words. He was also a very big man, so when he did say a few words, generally we listened.

My school friend and I were joking about when we would be playing at his home listening to music in his bedroom and his Dad would come in from work and in his very deep, booming voice would often shout “David” to my friend (that is his name) and we would fear the worse…. However, the majority of the time, we just laughed as he wanted to check what we were up to.

I want to talk to you about the power that certain words have in this world. I am going to give you what I consider to be the 5 most powerful words known to anyone that can have a hypnotic effect on everyone you encounter.

Pretty much, the most powerful word on the face of the earth is your own name. When you were much younger, you heard your name repeated often. You unconsciously linked it with getting attention and we enjoy that attention and the feelings that went with it as a youngster.

What is the name that you were identified with the most? That is the name that has the most profound hypnotic effect on you. For most people it is their first name, or as my Mum would say, your Christian name, that carries the most impact.

This is not just my opinion by the way. Research has been conducted on this subject and it has indicated that if you appropriately use a person’s name at the very beginning or at the very end of a sentence, the likelihood of being influential and hypnotically engaging this person is increased dramatically. How powerful it is to get on first name terms with anyone.

As a teenager, without knowing this information, I always got on first name terms with my girlfriends parents and it stood me in very good stead. I still use this with all my clients and potential clients. I use it in written and verbal communication and it has such a profound effect.

Just a few months ago, I noticed that a friend never used his girlfriend’s parent’s names at all. He shied away from it for whatever reasons. I noticed this and mentioned it to him. He then started using their names to great effect, got comfortable with it and has bonded even more greatly with them all.

This does not mean that you should repeatedly use their name over and over to make a sale or influence more or get that date or help a client. I tend to say things like:

– John, do you think I have told you enough information about hypnosis now? 
– If my hypnotic audio programme can greatly advance your sales this year, would you want it Jenny? 
– Jeff, would you be good enough to send me on that proposal as soon as you can? 
– You look pretty good in that dress, don’t you think Helen?

This is really communicating with that person intimately and hypnotically and is a very positive thing to get associated with you.

I have spoken and written often about words and the way in which we choose to use them, which ones we use and I have spoken about language formation. I am being simpler than that today and just suggesting some words that do really have a very hypnotic effect upon people, such as the use of their own name.

I think it is important to be hypnotic within your communication at all times. This means that you are resonating with the deeper aspects of some. So, onto the second hypnotic word, use the word “Because” in your hypnotic communication: You should invest in Adam Eason’s audio programmes because…. he is a best selling author, well-known hypnotist, expert, researcher, very handsome etc, etc… ” 😉

The reason for using the word “because” is wired into our brains from a very young age. I can remember asking my Mum what certain things mean that I had heard or seen and when she explained them, I would ask “why..” and then when she explained again, I would ask “why…” and eventually she just said “because…”

Did you ever ask one of your parents if you could stay up late (maybe to watch a TV show that all your friends said they watched!) and when they replied “No,” you asked why and then they said “Because…”

To this day, we know the word because makes a huge difference when communicating hypnotically with people. I use this word in my advertising, in my marketing and in therapy because it is so hypnotic.

My third hypnotic word is the word “now.” Someone that all us hypnotists and hypnotic communicators refer to a lot is prominent hypnotist, psychiatrist and Godfather of modern hypnosis, Milton Erickson. He used the word now often and lots of people use it wisely and hypnotically now as a result.

Back to our previous example: “Mum can I stay up late tonight?” You got the reply “No.” You subsequently give lots of replies and deliver your argument or show your frustration, and then Mum would say “go to bed NOW”… and off we trotted. Now makes any sentence into a powerful command.

Imagine yourself being a hypnotic communicator, Now. The now used carefully can become a surreptitious command to their unconscious mind, even when used carefully and softly.

Look at the differences in these two statements:

There are many advantages of my hypnotic sales programme.

NOW, let’s look HERE at the many advantages of my hypnotic sales audio programme.

I did not even use it at the end of the sentence and it was made infinitely more powerful, wasn’t it?

Fourthly then for today, use the word “Imagine.” Imagine yourself confidently communicating hypnotically. You see, here I am not claiming that you can do that as a result of reading my ezine or listening to my audio programmes, I am just asking you imagine it. Your mind has to process that thought and imagine the outcome in order to do so. This is key to good hypnotic communication. Get anyone to paint a picture in their mind by imagining the wonderful outcome of seeing you, or buying from you or whatever.

Finally today, even though these are collectively 3 words, I am counting them as one because of their effect. Use the words “Please” and “Thank you.” People do not just take things from you, they ask “Please can I borrow that…” and you subsequently become obligated to do it, when they say thanks, the process is complete. You learned from birth that please and thank you got you the results. You got to do so much if you used please and thank you as a youth. People pretty much always respond to please and thank you. I use this in my advertising copy, in my verbal communication, on my website and wherever I can.

So there you go, some food for thought today on the unconscious associations that we have with 5 very special and hypnotic words that do, when used wisely and elegantly, create a very hypnotic effect in those hearing them or reading them. Have some fun seeing how you can make people feel good just by you using these words more often.

Adam is a best selling author, consultant and speaker please visit his website for a vast range of personal development resources and to receive your free, instantly downloadable hypnosis session and amazing ebook: http://www.adam-eason.com Thanks.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adam_Eason

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