Hypnosis Induction – Getting the Mind Ready to Be Hypnotized


The effectiveness of hypnosis induction depends on how well the mind is made ready before the process is started. If a mind is not properly put into a hypnotic state than the whole process will be much less effective (and possible not occur at all). This step is therefore one of the most important when trying to hypnotize and individual. There is not one single approach to achieving this state. The practice for getting the mind prepared to be properly hypnotized has been around for centuries and a lot of hypnotic induction techniques have come into existence.

The proper way to get the mind ready for the hypnosis is to master two techniques. It is not necessary that you use both these hypnosis induction techniques. You can stick to one technique and keep the other as a back-up technique in case the first one doesn’t work for a specific individual. Some people may not be hypnotized thoroughly by one technique. When that happens you should switch to the other back-up technique. This will ensure you get close to a 100 percent success rate (although there will be some people that just can’t get into the proper state to by hypnotized, no matter how hard you try).

One very common and effective technique that many hypnotists and hypnotherapists use is the technique where they have a person fixate on a single object while verbally guiding the person into an open and relaxed state of mind. This technique is known as Braidism. If you are not a professional and just want to try the hypnosis induction at home than this is the safest and easiest method. This is in fact the ‘classic’ of hypnosis induction techniques.

Another technique is to have the individual lie down on a couch with his eyes closed. This will block out most distractions. The hypnotist will then use his voice to gently guide the individual into a relaxed state. By having the subject close his eyes, it allows him to place all of his focus on the sound of the hypnotist’s voice.

A very important factor that needs to exist in order to get the mind ready for hypnosis induction is trust. The person who is getting hypnotized should be able to trust the hypnotist with his subconscious. Without this trust a lot of people will not be able to relax their minds to the point where they can go through the hypnosis induction process. In order for you to gain their trust, the hypnotist must create a safe atmosphere so that the person going through the induction can feel that they are in responsible hands.

A very productive approach to efficiently create the right state of mind for the hypnosis induction is to tailor a method that is specific to the person you are trying to induce. Using the method that the patient is most comfortable with will make him/her feel at ease and allow the induction process to occur much easier. Making them feel comfortable will also gain their trust.

Without proper hypnosis induction taking place, the mind will simply not be in a state to accept and respond to the words being spoken by the hypnotist. Once this process is mastered, influencing an individual’s subconscious to make positive changes to their lives becomes quite easy.


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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Jakobson

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