Gig Alert !

Love Notes ! I’ll be playing my sax tomorrow night @ Falconetti’s East Side Grill and next Friday @Rickshaw Theatre – both in VanCity with Buffalo Jones – if you drop by plz say hi – next hypno-show is for The BC Children’s Hospital in Sept.. sending love & looking forward to seeing everyone soon – S


3 Controversial Mind Control Methods That Get You What You Want


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Mind control can be defined as systematic way of using unethical means to persuade another person or group of people to conform to your wish. It is often referred to as brainwashing, mind abuse or coercive persuasion. This kind of … Continue reading

How to.. NLP & Hypnosis Secrets: The Rainbow Ruse

Here’s a little more on Conversational Hypnosis & NLP language patterns. This one is “The Rainbow Ruse”. If you have any questions plz ask. & if you’d like to learn more – you can register right now for one of our workshops/classes @ Hypnosis Vancouver or The – sending love – S


Confident Public Speaking – Three Steps to Connect With Your Audience


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Public speaking is an important skill for professionals, even in an environment where businesses are rapidly adopting new communications technologies. This technology may even increase the likelihood that you’ll need to stand in front of a group of people and … Continue reading

Sonny’s Monologue ! The Dirty Jeresey, Kamloops, BC. Valentine’s Day 2014

Thank You Kamloops! I had a great time. Obviously.. when celebrities come up on stage I can’t put it on Youtube – but I’ll see if I can find any camera angles that I can show.  Special Thanks to Jenn and her family for taking care of me, Drew & Lance for bringing me out and Louis for coming on stage and really making the show !