Conversational Hypnosis – The Core of Erotic Hypnosis


The first thing to say is that, despite the recent interest in ‘erotic hypnosis’, it is not in itself a distinct hypnosis technique. Rather, like ‘weight loss hypnosis’ or ‘quit smoking hypnosis’, it is actually a form of hypnotism called conversational hypnosis. In order to understand the application and purpose of ‘erotic hypnosis’, you first need to understand a little about the technique that underpins it. This is called conversational hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis is the use of language to induce a trance like state in the listener’s conscious mind. This then provides an opportunity for the hypnotist to implant suggestions into the subconscious mind. These suggestions can have a profound effect because the subconscious is the part of the mind that stores all the knowledge that informs our normal activity. Our conscious mind, which is the decision making part of the brain, refers to the information stored in the subconscious in order to make the necessary decisions. Therefore, by introducing new ideas or different ways of thinking to the subconscious, the hypnotist is able to dramatically alter a person’s responses or behavior.

Erotic hypnosis is based upon conversational hypnosis technique. It uses the same patterns, metaphors and linguistic tools but the focus is specific. For example, the focus of ‘quite smoking hypnosis’ and ‘lose weight hypnosis’ seem self explanatory. So is the same true for ‘erotic hypnosis?’

Well no, not quite.

Whereas ‘quit smoking’ and ‘weight loss’ hypnosis are specifically targeted to achieve a single behavioural outcome, erotic hypnosis has much broader aims. It can be used as part of your seduction technique but it can also be used to enhance sexual arousal and pleasure. Furthermore erotic hypnosis is often used to introduce intensely detailed role play into healthy sex lives.

The reason that it is so versatile is simply because our sexuality is essentially a product of our psyche. Hypnosis affects the mind, and the mind is the most influential force in our sexual lives. We all rely heavily upon sexual fantasy to stimulate both ourselves and others. Proper erotic hypnosis can take this essential element of love making to new, incredibly vibrant levels. In addition, erotic hypnosis can not only enhance healthy sex lives but also forms part of therapeutic models aimed at addressing sexual dysfunction.

However there is one extremely contentious area of erotic hypnosis. It raises the apparent possibility that skilled hypnotists could make people behave or act in a way that is contrary to their own values. This would seem to pose some worrying questions, especially if someone chose to use hypnosis as part of their seduction technique. So does this suggest that it is actually a tool of exploitation if used by unscrupulous people?

To be honest, you can not really deny that some could use this power to coerce people. However, conversational hypnosis does not make it possible to get people to do something that they would normally be utterly opposed to. It can release inhibitions, heighten arousal or even create fantasy but it can not force someone to do something against their will. No hypnotic process can achieve that.

Hypnosis works in conjunction with peoples value and belief systems and is unlikely to work if suggestions made are opposed to a person’s moral beliefs. Therefore, whilst one must acknowledge that some may attempt to misuse erotic hypnosis, it has to be said that their chances of actually “brainwashing” someone are extremely remote.

Conversational hypnosis used in this context is utterly amoral. That is, it is neither good nor bad. The morality of its use is entirely attributable to the person that uses it.


Most people find erotic hypnosis [] to be an extremely fulfilling and positive experience as part of a healthy sex life. By learning conversational hypnosis [] you too could discover the joys of erotic hypnosis.


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