What is Erotic Hypnosis?


There are many different hypnosis techniques which are used today. Doctors and psychologists often use hypnosis techniques to help their patients to overcome addictions or limiting conditions. Hypnosis is frequently used as a means to manage pain and to help people to stop smoking, but there are other more recreational uses for hypnosis as well. Erotic hypnosis is a practice which is becoming increasingly popular as a means to increase arousal and intensify satisfaction during sexual activity. By reducing an individual’s inhibitions, erotic hypnosis helps individuals to experience pleasure like they have never felt before.

Hypnosis makes it possible for people to live out their sexual fantasies. While in a trance state, individuals believe what is being suggested to them and, as a result, they are able to live out their fantasies. Hypnosis can help people to be freed from their inhibitions and to be transformed into someone who can freely enjoy all kinds of sexual pleasure. When an individual feels that they have become someone other than themselves they are open to new experiences that they may not have been able to have before.

Hypnosis is often used in relationships where there is a heavy theme of dominance and submission as a form of erotic power. The dominant individual may utilize hypnosis as a means of controlling their submissive partner, encouraging them to surrender his or her will in exchange for pleasure. Feelings of submission are enhances through hypnosis to the point where the submissive partner can actually feel the dominant partner influencing his or her thoughts and actions.

There are many ways to go about using hypnosis during times of sexual intimacy. Many famed hypnotists have released recordings or videos which can help couples to become acquainted with the practice of erotic hypnosis. There is also a great deal of poetry available which is geared toward inducing individuals into a trance-like state ideal for erotic hypnosis. If you are thinking about giving erotic hypnosis a try, you may find that the internet provides a wide variety of resources for your benefit. Experiment with your partner to find out what feels right and what helps you both to experience the maximum amount of pleasure. Remember to keep safety in mind, however, and never use hypnosis as a means of manipulating your partner. If used correctly, hypnosis can help you and your partner to achieve a deeper bond than you ever thought possible and to experience sexual pleasure like you have never known.


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