Is Erotic Hypnosis For You?

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Erotic hypnosis offers both therapeutic value and leisurely value. Patients will often seek out hypnosis to treat issues such as sexual inhibition, impotence, premature ejaculation, and decreased sex drive. Others engage in this form of hypnosis for the enhancement of sexual pleasure, namely increased arousal, intensifying orgasm, increasing sexual endurance, and deeper sexual connection with their partners.

How Does Erotic Hypnosis Work?

It’s possible that a person has experienced a negative sexual encounter or was taught from a young age that sex was bad. Oftentimes, men are fearful of becoming too intimate with their partner which leads to an inability to complete the sexual act. Women are often self conscious of their bodies or too shy to tell a man the best way to please her sexually.

Erotic Hypnosis aims to replace the negative associations one has with sex and sexual activity with positive, motivating sexual associations. Hypnosis places the person into a deeply relaxed state so that the subconscious becomes more receptive to suggestion. In this way, guilt, resentment, and self consciousness are replaced with feelings of confidence, empowerment, and sexual arousal.

In this deep state of relaxation, patients can focus on what types of sexual activity they find stimulating and learn how to trigger those thoughts at the right moments.

It becomes possible to learn more about your body, and develop the confidence to also teach your partner about your body. Erotic Hypnosis breaks down the barriers caused by inhibitions and lets people explore their sensuality completely.

Hypnosis not only puts people in touch with their own bodies and sexuality, but it also allows a partner to become receptive to the desires they sense in their lover. Instead of receiving their suggestions in words, they receive them in the kisses and caresses that urge them to open themselves to deeper arousal, more intimate contact, and greater sexual pleasure.

Methods of Erotic Hypnosis

For issues of a therapetic nature, a hypnosis program will typically begin by teaching you to relax. Then specific imagery and a directed dialog lead you through the process of overcoming stress, fears, or lack of confidence. These are all obstacles to satisfying sexual performance.

For sexual enhancement and increased arousal, hypnosis can help focus your mind in the same way as women who are naturally highly orgasmic.

Hypnotic audio “erotica” is also becoming increasingly popular as a way to stimulate the imagination and the body. Listeners visualize the erotic story being told and focus on the effects it has on their bodies, often ‘feeling’ the physical sensations of a kiss or caress as the story unfolds.

Couples wishing to develop a stronger, more intimate connection with one another can benefit from Erotic Hypnosis, by learning how to feel comfortable and how to enjoy exploring their fantasies with each other. Couples are often surprised and stimulated by what they learn about themselves and each other in a trusting, respectful, and highly erotic manner.

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