Talking Dirty to Your Partner – Some Dos and Don’ts to Pull Off a Successful Dirty Talk


Talking dirty to your partner can be a great way to make your sex life more exciting and intensifying. Indeed, listening to your partner about how you can satisfy your partner’s needs and how you are also satisfied can make the lovemaking more intense and more exciting.

However, one caveat about talking dirty to your partner is that, it can also be a turn off if not done the right way, or if you have uttered words that may not be sexy o your partner. Indeed, the art of talking dirty during sex can be tricky. That is why you have to learn it, you have to research it, and you have to practice it.

– Do practice sounding sexy. For sure, you have that sexy voice within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, so try to explore that and make sure you don’t sound so awkward. Practice when you are alone and listen to your voice.

– Do learn to say the nastiest words you’ve thought of during your lovemaking. Men love to listen to women enticing and teasing them, especially if you sound like you can’t resist them.

– Do suggest. Men love to see the wild side of women in bed. Especially if you are the type that swears or say something nasty, he will often find it wild and sexy if you do when you make love.

– Do not be in a hurry. Take it slow. Especially if you are just learning, you have to start slow with the dirty talking. For sure, you don’t want to make your guy wonder if he is with another woman.

– Do not use technical or medical terms in your dirty talk. These are not sexy and in fact, these can be great turn offs.

– Do not start talking dirty without practice. Especially if you are new to it, talking dirty to your partner in an awkward and nervous voice may not be effective, so try to practice it when you are alone and learn a few tips from experts.

– Do wait for the right timing. For some, they may talk dirty right before the sexual act as a part of foreplay, but for some women especially those who are new to telling nasty things, they may want to wait until everything is intense to utter those wild dirty talks. This way, it will intensify both of your feelings and will also make it more real and not something practiced.

Talking dirty to your partner is indeed a good thing to do to make turn your partner on, Most importantly, this can also be good for you to get the satisfaction you want from lovemaking as the more you can become comfortable with talking dirty, the more you can suggest and tell your partner what satisfies you in your lovemaking.

For a detailed guide on how you can master dirty talking, check out learn to talk dirty. Also check out Orgasm On Command Technique, where you can learn how to make your partner reach orgasm.

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