What to Expect From an Erotic Hypnosis Call


You’ve always wondered about Erotic Mind Control haven’t you? You’ve seen those ads for erotic hypnosis phone sex and they send a little shiver up your spine wondering what could happen if you let yourself go. The anticipation is exciting, so is that little bit of fear! The idea of giving someone else control over your mind is an intoxicating idea, isn’t it?

This is what I do. I do erotic hypnosis phone sex. I talk to callers like you and take them deep into Erotic Mind Control where you will give up all your secrets and hypnotic wishes. Under hypnosis you give up control to me, your mistress of hypnosis and let me guide you through a tour of your deepest secrets and experience them come to life.

Hah, you say. I can’t be hypnotized. It can’t be done. Well, if you approach it in that manner and present it to me as a challenge it probably won’t work, but you might be surprised. Many callers who have claimed resistance have fallen under my control, giving themselves up to me.

What really happens when you call?

When you call me I’ll ask you some questions about yourself and about what it is that you’re hoping to get from hypnosis during our session. The most common requests are to be controlled or to experience a transformation to the opposite sex.

Most of the time the caller will only have a vague idea of what they want and that’s just fine. Even telling me you want to be controlled is pretty vague. It’s like saying you want ice cream but don’t state what flavor! Control has many many aspects. You may not even know yourself what you mean, just a thought you’ve only peeked at. I’ll find out more about what you really want once you are in trance.

I will take you into a hypnotic state through a series of relaxation of your mind and body. It is a process and takes time. I can’t snap my fingers and count to three and BAM you’re under. It just doesn’t work that time, especially the first time. Later you can be conditioned to respond that way but it does take some work.

Once you are completely relaxed and offering no resistance to the sound of my voice and my suggestions, I will ask you some more questions. Some of them will be the same I asked you before we started so I can gauge your reactions. The most important thing I will ask is what it is you’re hoping to get from hypnosis during our session. When you are in a trance with your guard down you will be more apt to share your real desires with me.

This part can be very straightforward or may take a lot of probing depending on what you are trying to hide in the back of your mind. Is it a secret that is so taboo you’re afraid of it? Is it something you’re not comfortable, that you would never allow yourself to experience outside of hypnosis? A secret you have never admitted before? Do you simply want to feel arousal and orgasm through hypnotism, to have a hot, mind-blowing fun time with a sexy, enticing woman? This is where we spend the most time, exploring those secrets and bringing them out into the light, having fun with them and making them real for a short time.

When I bring you out of trance I will do it with post-hypnotic suggestions about how you will feel and act when you wake. I may tell you that you will be incredibly aroused, turned on by a particular phrase that will make you instantly hard and needy. Or that you will wake feeling refreshed with no memory of what took place but the sight of long legs in stockings and heels will make you need to call me again without knowing why. There are so many ways to play with your mind!

Erotic mind control is not for everyone of course, but it can be very very erotic for some. For those of you who want to find out more and give it a try stop by the website listed below and learn more about me and what I do or pick up one of my audio recordings.

I’m an independant phone sex operator who specializes in Erotic Mind Control. Stop by my site http://eroticmindcontrols.com/ to get to know me better and find out more about erotic hypnosis and how we can get together!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alexandra_Spiosra

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