The Dark Art Of Mass Hypnosis – How To Put Large Groups Of People Under Your Spell

raisetherentMass hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years — think conmen and cults as an example. There’s definitely a darker side to hypnosis. Keep reading to find out how mass hypnosis works.

While there are mass covert hypnosis techniques that aren’t all being used for good purposes, hypnotism can be a tremendous good force. Hypnotism isn’t evil per se, but the way some people choose to use it is.

How Mass Hypnotism Works

When it started it was mystical and magical….however, as time went on it was not such much “hocus pocus” as just plain fascinating!

First you’ll learn the basic principles of hypnosis and then you’ll get an understanding of how they work with mass hypnosis.

First Step – Fixate the attention

Second Step – Shut down the “normal” intellect

Once that’s done you will be able to start planing suggestions inside a person’s mind.

But how to do it en masse?

To start a campaign of mass covert hypnosis you MUST:

1. reach enough people

2. capture their attention completely for a certain period

3. Turn off their conscious mind

4. Embed a reality at that moment in time in which people have no choice but to do what you want.

Here are some examples of mass covert hypnosis in action today:

A cult

A lobby group of some kind which has a mass rally

A rock concert used to publish a strong political message

Here’s a worrying study for parents.

Thomas Mullholland put a bunch of children in front of a TV. The TV was set up in such a way that it would turn off automatically when the child’s brain state “switched” off….much like hypnosis.

No matter what every single child did, within 30 seconds of the TV being turned on every child entered a TRANCE state and all TVs were turned off.

30 seconds.

That’s all it takes for your mind to be switched into a hypnotically receptive mode!

On March 22 2008 Italian police released footage of the “hypnotist thief” forcing cashiers and bank tellers to release over $1,200.00 and with absolutely no resistance or memory. Learn how he uses conversational hypnosis [] and how you can too by visiting [] NOW!

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