Mind Control Techniques From The Movie Inception That Really Work


If you have seen the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, then you’ve probably been fascinated by the dense story plot. Of course there are no devices that allow you to actually practice shared dreaming – but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to plant ideas in other people’s minds. This article will introduce mind control techniques that allow you to start thoughts in other people’s heads.

When you want to motivate people to do something, the best way to do so is always to make them believe it was their own idea. We human beings are in love with our own ingenuity and we like our ideas. Even humble people like their own ideas. It is something that is hardwired into us.

The greatest hypnotist of the 20th century, Milton H. Erickson invented a method that is called conversational hypnosis. He used his method for therapeutic purposes, to help people overcome issues that they had in their lives. But other people started to see the power of this system, people who were not involved in therapy or medicine, but instead business and politics, and they started to study his techniques and adapt them to their own needs.

Later on, something called conversational coercion emerged – the art and science of making people do (and think) what you want.

Using conversational hypnotic metaphors, you can plant ideas in people’s minds. They won’t even notice that it is happening. In the movie Inception, they did this by putting people to sleep. But you don’t even need to do that. You can just bypass their conscious thinking filters by talking about something that camouflages what you are really doing to their minds. It is a form of verbal prestidigation – where you say something to cover up something else you are saying. The conscious mind of your subject will not notice what you are really saying – but the subconscious mind will receive the message, and in the course of the following days, they will “get an idea”.

There are many more mind control techniques that can be used to achieve similar effects as those that have been used in the movie Inception. The more you learn about persuasion, influence, hypnosis and conversational coercion, the easier it will become for you to bend other people’s minds any way you want them.

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