3 Controversial Mind Control Methods That Get You What You Want


Mind control can be defined as systematic way of using unethical means to persuade another person or group of people to conform to your wish. It is often referred to as brainwashing, mind abuse or coercive persuasion. This kind of technique can also be performed on oneself apart from using it on other people. There are several kinds of these methods which you can engage in gaining access to other peoples’ minds. Some of them are very controversial in nature. Let’s take a look at these 3 methods.

1.Brainwave Synchronization

This is a controversial mind control method that involves the activation of neurons in the mental system of humans. The neurons do generate wavelike patterns also known as brainwaves. The different frequencies seen in the brainwaves are direct results of the different states of the human mind. If you’re able to alter the brainwaves by a synchronization process, you can easily get a pre-determined state of mind. This kind of technique can only be used when you take time to master the 4 different brainwave patterns and how they work in the human mental system.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This is a mind control method which is based on the idea that successful patterns of the human behavior can be realized by yourself or others when you succeed in modifying the underlying thought patterns. NLP, as it is widely known can also be used for interpersonal interactions. There are specific NLP techniques usually involved. Many experts implementing this method do use such means in realizing their aim especially when it comes to controlling other people’s minds. You may need to undergo on a special NLP training program in order to master the techniques involved.

3. Hypnosis

This is a very common mind control method usually used by professional hypnotists on people. It is simply an artificially induced condition whereby a hypnotist propels you to respond to certain questions or suggestions. In most cases, the hypnotist can reach your subconscious mind by bypassing your conscious mind in a very systematic manner. He or she does that with the view of implanting certain positive thoughts into your mind in order to replace other negative thoughts or views you’ve held for a long time. In several other instances, hypnosis can also be used in a negative way. A hypnotist can gain usual access to your deep secrets by using unethical means in the process.

Overall, the above mind control methods are said to be controversial in nature because of the fact that they can easily be used in unethical means. There are lots of debates going on about several controversial mind control methods. Certain individuals who have mastered the tricks usually engage them in gaining unauthorized into the deep secrets of other people.

In any case, you can always get what you want in life by using some of the controversial mind control methods. You can use them to brainwash others and coerce them to accomplish your whims and caprices. You can equally use them to take full charge over what goes on in your mind.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Greg_Frost

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