Mind Control Techniques From The Movie Inception That Really Work


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If you have seen the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, then you’ve probably been fascinated by the dense story plot. Of course there are no devices that allow you to actually practice shared dreaming – but that doesn’t mean that … Continue reading

Forbidden Patterns


Update !

There are a number of “forbidden/evil/covert/waking” or whatever the fuck you want to call them – Hypnosis Patterns – that have been worked into usable “scripts”.

I’ll be back in Vancouver next week & loading them to the main site. They won’t be free but they also won’t be expensive.

If you have any questions – remember.. I teach this stuff ! So.. just ask.

– S

Four Powerful Patterns You Should Always Use in Conversational Hypnosis


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Conversational hypnosis is a technique founded by Milton H. Erickson who was born in 1901 and considered to be the most important hypnotherapist. The technique is based on inducing a trance to a subject with the use of language and … Continue reading

How to Seduce Your Date With Hypnosis – Use Mind Control For Seduction


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In this article we are going to talk about how to seduce your date using hypnosis. Now it’s important to remember the TYPE of hypnosis we are referring to is NOT the kind where your date is sleeping, or unconscious … Continue reading

Black Ops Hypnosis – Discover The Dark Side Of Hypnosis


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To every thing there’s a dark side. The dark side of hypnosis is called Black Ops Hypnosis. This article reviews this dark side, what it is and how you can learn to control it. The fact that I’m writing this … Continue reading

Understanding the Power of Covert Hypnosis

from Hypnosis Vancouver – wishing everyone a beautiful day – S

Hypnosis Vancouver


Did you know that there are several different types of hypnosis? In fact there are a few methods that are highly guarded secrets in the hypnotherapy profession. This is due mainly to the fact that the power of simple hypnotic suggestions can be so effective and that these suggestions can be planted in a persons mind without them even knowing it. This method of hypnosis is known as covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis can be a very dangerous weapon when not used in a moral or ethical way. However, covert hypnosis can also be a very effective tool when used properly. If you have ever seen a very charismatic or effective and persuasive speaker then you have probably experienced covert hypnosis. The covert hypnosis techniques can be used to affect a mass audience just as simply as it can be used to affect a single person in a conversation.

Have you…

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