Top Tips for Standup Comedians and Professional Speakers On How to Get More Bookings


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• Get Listed With as Many Speakers Bureaus and Entertainment Booking Agencies as You Can A Speakers Bureau or Talent Booking Agency can save you enormous amounts of time, money, and energy. How can you out work the entire staff of … Continue reading

The Love Hypnotist – Orgasms – Valentine’s Day @ The Dirty Jersey in Kamloops, BC !

last clip.. i guess it wouldn’t be my show if there weren’t orgasms – tnx kamloops – i’m @ peace with the past & excited for the future – but there’s no rush.. as my new friend says – let’s wait and see what happens – sending love around the world – i love you

Erotic Hypnosis Techniques You Can Try Tonight – Using Pattern Interruption For Steamy Seduction


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In this article we are going to discuss erotic hypnosis techniques you can try with YOUR partner tonight. Now, if you are anything like MOST couples, you are probably NOT having the kind of earth shattering, mind melting intimate experiences … Continue reading

Conversational Hypnosis – The Core of Erotic Hypnosis


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The first thing to say is that, despite the recent interest in ‘erotic hypnosis’, it is not in itself a distinct hypnosis technique. Rather, like ‘weight loss hypnosis’ or ‘quit smoking hypnosis’, it is actually a form of hypnotism called … Continue reading

Instant Hypnosis – Achieve Hypnotic Trance in Under Five Minutes


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Instant hypnosis is a technique through which hypnotic trance can be induced in a very short period of time. Today, this form of hypnosis control is mainly used in stage shows and clinical hypnosis. Dave Elman was a hypnotherapist who … Continue reading

Forbidden Patterns


Update !

There are a number of “forbidden/evil/covert/waking” or whatever the fuck you want to call them – Hypnosis Patterns – that have been worked into usable “scripts”.

I’ll be back in Vancouver next week & loading them to the main site. They won’t be free but they also won’t be expensive.

If you have any questions – remember.. I teach this stuff ! So.. just ask.

– S